Saturday, April 30, 2011

family movie night

my kids have done so awesome
 with their chore chart this week
 that they earned a family movie night!

tonight's selection was:

and, seriously, why didn't anyone tell me what a tear-jerker it is?
i felt like it really fit with my post from yesterday
 about valuing the precious time i have with my little ones
 while they are still little *tear*.

anyhow, it was a great family movie
and a great time was had by all.

when i went to find the above toy story 3 image
 it led me to a site with a review of the movie.  
i skipped the review, but glanced at the comments.  
this one had me rolling on the floor, so i had to share.

"without a question the somebody flick of period and period, this film prefab toy tale 1 and 2 face like shrek the bag, yea its that peachy! me and my girlfriend went to go see this at the perform and we both cried similar babies. I grew up to toy prevarication, i grew up with andy, and its truly unbelievable how pixar can flowing the emotions from sad to singular without devastation any handsome moments 10/10. I anticipate a Multi- Award Person here! If you need to cry go see Toy story 3 and rebound jonah hex and karate kid and A aggroup! P: i wish this is not the end of toy tarradiddle if it is i module DIE, btw, barbie and ken made me burst out laughter the object uncastrated period!!"

it was written by someone who's screen name is "danish".
we're thinking online translator gone bad...

and last, but certainly not least...i am feeling much better!
happy last day of april to you!

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