Friday, April 8, 2011

on waste

this is a subject that, like politics, makes me squirm.
in a very real way i'd like to ignore the entire subject.

but i can't,
and neither can you.
because we need to be intentional in how use it.
we need to be intentional in how we spend or don't spend it.
we need to be intentional in how we give it.

there are many great articles out there about using money intentionally
and it's not my intention (no pun intended) to compose yet another one.
but i would like to share some thoughts and resources 
that i have found helpful.

first, we need to
our habits.

america is a disposable culture.
we go for convenience, even if it costs more.
we want to be able to use it once and throw it out.
elbow grease no longer holds the appeal that it did for past generations.
but pennies (and dollars) add up.
for those who didn't feel the squeeze before, 
no doubt you're feelin' it now!

here are a couple of my fave phrases, 
ones that regularly scroll through my mind.

willful waste makes woeful want. ~Scottish Proverb

use it up - wear it out - make do - or do without!

so here's the fun part about choosing to be wise 
with how we spend our money: 

it unleashes creativity!

we get to upcycle and repurpose!
we get to thrift!
we get the opportunity to think outside the box!
we get to think beyond what is convenient for the moment 
to what will bring the greatest good 
(to our lives, our budget, and the world at large)!

i will be sharing my ideas, the changes we have made...
and i want to hear yours!

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  1. Great post! It's so freeing to be intentional and knowing where your money is going!