Sunday, April 17, 2011


this weekend went fast and furious!

went to the awesome auction at our church
 and picked this painting up.
also got a cute reusable sandwich bag to add to our collection.

AND my friend and i went in together on a mini-spa night sponsored by tranquil haven.  mini massages, mini facials, aromatherapy bar, paraffin hand and foot treatments and yummy treats...yes please!
i can't wait to make that one happen!

tonight i made "love pie" for dinner.
i mostly called it that because it was baked in this 
awesome casserole dish my dad got me for my birthday!  
it has a gorgeous lid too.
probably one of my favorite gifts ever.
anything i bake in it is made with love (awww).

no projects this weekend...but i was lovin' the sunshine!
i think i have an idea niggling at the back of my mind
...could happen this week!

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