Thursday, April 28, 2011

the bug

well the last few days i've been fighting a cold.
it's nothing huge, but man, it sure takes it out of me.
all my bloggy inspiration...poof!

and i'll tell ya, jeff foxworthy was right:
if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

so, here are some cold fighting secrets.

cold kicker.
courtesy of Keeper of the Home
it'll kick your cold's patootie!

my fave is tangerine and i like to buy it at super supplements.

organic echinacea elder tea
and organic lemon echinacea throat coat

victory over virus incense
courtesy of Healing-Scents

drinking lots of water.

using a humidifier.

cutting way down on dairy, sugar, simple carbs...

and sleep...lots and lots of sleep.
or as much as possible while still taking good care of three kiddos.

i'm hoping i'm on an upswing 
and that my good health will return soon 
along with my motivation!

i'll leave you with this cute little cowgirl.
who wishes her uncle (my awesome BIL) 
a very happy birthday!

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