Friday, April 15, 2011

on waste

less of it.

confession: i am one of "those" people.
one of those "green" people.
one of those "environmental responsibility" people.

if you've been following my blog, maybe you've seen this coming.
maybe you're right there with me.
maybe you think it's ridiculous.
but hear me out.

here's what i think.
God created the earth.
He put us here.
He encouraged us to "be fruitful and multiply" .

but i really don't think that this is what He meant.

He made us stewards, 
to look after something that does not really belong to us.
we have forgotten that all this is not ours.

as for the whole "green" label,
there is a problem with what that entails.
the problem comes when we stop worshipping the Creator
 and worship the creation instead.
the problem comes when "green" becomes a marketing tactic.

God made us with incredible inventiveness, 
imagination and resourcefulness.
we have choices.  lots of them.
we can use the gifts He has given us for good.
or we can squander those gifts.

when we make choices mindfully, 
when we seek His wisdom 
and tap into the inspiration He has given us,
it's beautiful.

so challenge yourself.
what small choices can you make that will have a lasting impact?

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  1. I totally agree! I'm trying to limit our trash to 1 bag a week. Most weeks we do pretty well, but I need to get a compost bin going. Waiting for our tax return to get some sturdy drying racks, too.