Thursday, April 14, 2011

what big girls do

i am a baby person.
ok that sounds weird.
what i mean to say is: i love babies.
i always have, even when i was a little tyke myself.
so i thought that i would be pretty sad 
when my kids were no longer babies.
but (surprise!) it is actually a lot of fun!

this is my big girl, aka the girly girl.

she's a great big sister.
she has a fabulous imagination
 (and still likes to play dress-up...sometimes).
she loves babies.

she's full of spunk.
she's moody.
she's chatty.
she enjoys driving me crazy (sometimes).

we have the most fabulous time together.

the other day we went on a "date" to starbucks, just us big girls.
we shared a smoothie and big comfy chair and had a nice chat.
i asked her what she was thinking.
she looks at me with her adorable smile and says
"just how wonderful you are."

ah, darling, flattery will get you everywhere.
that's my girl.

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