Thursday, April 21, 2011

40 days

sunday is easter.
the lenten season is almost over.
although we do not attend a liturgical church,
as a church body we choose to observe lent.
a time of setting aside a bit of self and pressing in.
many choose to give up television or chocolate or coffee.
habits that are optional and, at times, distracting.

at our house, we chose to give up our small stipend of spending money.
money that is usually spent on sweet frivolities.  
things that are fun for a moment, but have no lasting significance.
so we made this small, small sacrifice.
and for what purpose?

our dollars, combined with those from others
 at our church will be used to sponsor children.
those dollars that we take for granted
 and spend on nothing will mean life 
to these beautiful sons and daughters of God.

what a privilege, friends.

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