Monday, April 11, 2011

bran-y goodness

i've been craving a good bran raisin muffin lately
and this rainy sunday seemed the perfect day to try
a yummy eggless bran muffin recipe!

i found the recipe here.

Eggless Bran Muffins
1c Buttermilk
1/4c Honey
1/4c Margarine @ room temp
1c Flour
1 1/2t Baking Soda
1/2t Salt
1/4c Sugar
1/2t Cinnamon
  1. Stir together buttermilk and bran; let stand 5 minutes. 
  2. Mix together honey and margarine and add to buttermilk/bran. 
  3. Sift together flour, baking soda, salt, sugar and cinnamon. 
  4. Add dry ingredients to buttermilk/bran mixture. Beat well with a spoon until well moistened. 
  5. Chopped nuts and/or raisins may be added at this point, if desired. 
  6. Drop the batter into greased muffin tins or in paper-lined muffin tins. 
  7. Bake in 375-degree oven 18 minutes. 
  8. Remove from oven at once. Makes 1 dozen. These muffins freeze well.
does anyone else see a problem here?
yeah, bran muffins with no bran.
i added 1 cup.

i had the most adorable little helper.

the secret to really good muffins is 
singing the batter a little song.

yum - breakfast!

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  1. Yay for finding a good recipe, and so nice that your kids will eat them too! :) My favorite bran muffins are my Grandma's recipe, however if I make them I'm the only one who eats them.