Friday, April 1, 2011

on waste

isn't that a big subject?

waste is something that stirs up strong feelings within me.  
wasted time.  wasted money.  wasted opportunity.  household waste.
there is something very sad about the word and concept of waste.

today is all about time.

To every thing there is a season, 
and a time to every purpose under heaven. ~Eccesiastes 3:1 KJB

of the many resources God has given us, time is one that cannot be negotiated.  you can't get more or less than 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as many years as are granted.

we want to make the most of the time we have been given, but we can't do everything; we have to prioritize.  what is really important?  what has God called me (and only me) to do today?  how can i wisely steward the gift of time i have been given?  i don't want to be spread so thin that i can't give my best in any area of my life.

time has always been a big deal to me.  being late drives me crazy.  i want to honor the Lord and others in my use of time.  to respect their time and mine.  so it is a priority for me to be on time. 

how does that really happen with three small children?  
i plan ahead, make lists, choose to ignore non-essentials, cut out "time vacuums", set clothes and pack lunches in advance, 
start preparing to get out the door early.  
i schedule a lot of down time and play time 
(yes, these days it has to be scheduled).  
i make sure i get to sit down for "quiet time" every day. 

being deliberate in these ways allows me to slow down, to breathe, 
to enjoy the beauty of the moment that can so easily be missed.

today is a gift.  how will you spend it?

so what do you think?  how do you prioritize your time?  
what are you called to?

 i'll leave you with an old-school favorite.

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