Sunday, May 1, 2011

may day

may day may day!
it began with the untimely appearance of 
(dun dun duuuuun)...

from here
yeah, that's right.  
grouchy mommy.

it's never pleasant when grouchy mommy shows up.
but the day got decidedly better...

you know i love a good project
 and we had a few going today!

my awesome hubs hung laundry line on our deck.

fast, easy...and free!
(we had a gift was really about $10)

look how cute it is with all the clothes hung up!

i am so jazzed!

and here's my sturdy portable rack
 to supplement the line.

we had yummy shrimp quesadillas for dinner.
prepared by our littlest helper.
(with a little help)

there has also been painting
garden planning
and sewing.
but more on those things later this week...

grouchy mommy says:
i can only please one person per day. 
today isn't your day...
and tomorrow don't look good either. 

oh dear.

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