Monday, May 2, 2011

i heart

last thursday the boy-boy and i baked 
some delicious eggless zucchini bread.
it's gone now, because it was super delicious.
better than zucchini bread with eggs.

you can find the recipe here:

i heart this cute earth loofa scrubbie.
he may show up in my happy list one of these days.

in lieu of candy (they still got plenty from other sources)
we got our kids these cool 
handmade wooden toys for easter this year.
i wrapped them and hid them in the living room
 and they hunted for them.
in addition to being fun to play with
 they make super adorable decorations!

you can find these on etsy.

and that is all for this glorious monday!
enjoy, friends...rain or shine!

 Sing to the LORD with grateful praise;
   make music to our God on the harp.

 He covers the sky with clouds;
   He supplies the earth with rain
   and makes grass grow on the hills. 

~Psalm 147:8

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