Thursday, May 19, 2011

the great thing about kids

(or one of them) 
is how flexible they are
they just roll with the punches
and find fun wherever they go.

yesterday, after dropping girly at the bus,
we headed to the library for storytime.
we were half an hour early,
so we decided to take a stroll around the building.
my kids discovered, with new eyes,
a group of sculptures they 
had seen many times before.

they were absolutely captivated.

they sat on the animals.

hugged them.

held their hands.

kissed them.

and told them how adorable they were.

to see how loving and nurturing they were 
to those animals and to one another
filled my heart with absolute delight.

what an amazing treasure these little ones are.
and how much they have to teach us.

also, today is my sweet nephew's 6th birthday!
got it here

happy birthday to a wonderful, fun,
smart, out-going little man!
we love you!

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