Sunday, August 7, 2011


i might have gotten a little
 carried away with projects this week 
(and i've got a whole list of ideas
 to work on in the future), 
but what can i say?  

you gotta sew 
when the spirit says sew,
 ya know?

i'm especially proud of 
this last project.
upcycled cords for the moo!
(based on this pattern)

take one of my favorite pairs of pants
(worn through on the bum),



add some patches 
(from another old pair of pants) 
to cover the worn knees,

sew, sew, sew,


vintage ragamuffin!

pair them with an adorable sweater
 i scored at a consignment store
 and we're ready for autumn!

i heart them (the pants and the girl)!

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