Monday, August 29, 2011

time for action!

so summer has been very,
we've been busy,
but our schedule has been
 much more laid back and 
much less consistent.

but the winds of change are blowing.
my kiddos head to school in a little over a week 
(two kids this year!)
found it here
and i have been feeling inspired
 to get organized once again!

taking some time to plan and 
utilize organizational tools
 makes life run so much more smoothly for us.

first things first...
i will be participating in the 

last year i made it a goal to get up early
 and spend time in the Word 
before the day got going.
i found it so rewarding in many ways,
but i have totally gotten out of 
the habit this summer.
time to start again!

found here
stay tuned for step two!
and for more morning inspiration check these out:

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