Tuesday, August 30, 2011

rallying the troops

this last spring
we attended a parenting class 
through our church

we thought it was a great class
and we learned a lot.

but like most classes, books, etc,
there is so much information
that it can be overwhelming.

you have to start somewhere...
so we started with acts of service.

we are all a part of this family,
so we can all ask the question
"what needs to be done?"
we can all look out for one another
and make sure the family's needs are met.

now, we have tried having "chores"
or "jobs" before,
but they never "stuck". 
mostly because i was in charge
 of making sure they did them.

inevitably, i'd forget to remind them
 or forget to write down that 
they had done them 
or something.

this time there are two differences:
first, our attitude as a family is different,
 and second, i found a new tool!

this summer we have been using goalforit.

we sit down with each of the kids, 
set some goals and some rewards,
and record them on the website.
the site keeps track of "moolah" earned
 and the kids can redeem the moolah
 at the end of the week.
as the kids become independent
 in a certain area, 
we update the chart with a new goal.

at first it was all about the moolah,
but the more we have been talking
 about serving one another 
and the more we have actually 
been serving one another, 
it really has become about 
working together and being a family.

so cool.

and the big added bonus:
it has taken such a weight off of me.

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