Thursday, August 4, 2011

three little dresses

after my recent pillowcase transformation
a friend contacted me to ask if i'd be interested
 in making pillowcase dresses that would be
 sent on a missions trip to Africa.

honestly, my first thought was
"that sounds really cool, but i don't have time".
but the more i thought about it, 
the more inspired i became to give it a try.

i got instructions,
found a few cute pillowcases
 at value village (for $.99)
and got to work!

i think they turned out just right!

as i sewed, i prayed for 
each little girl that will wear these.
i prayed that these small gifts 
would be used to draw them to the Lord,
that they would see that He has 
so many good gifts for them,
and that they would grow into 
women of integrity and strength.

i feel honored to give this small bit.

if you are interested in making pillowcase dresses,
these follow a pattern similar to this one.
but instead of adding ribbon or boughten bias tape, 
these used the part of the pillowcase that
 had been taken off the top to make bias tape.
i especially like this idea because
there is no waste of material or extra cost.
i found cotton pillowcases to work best.

i plan to make some for my girls soon!

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