Saturday, August 6, 2011

dryer balls

i've been doing lots of 
sewing and crafting this week.
another project i'd been meaning
 to take on for quite a while:

homemade wool dryer balls!

they're inexpensive and easy to make,
they save energy (and therefore money),
and could they be more beautiful?

i bought three skeins of
100% wool yarn (good for felting)
for a total of $15
and made a whole set of 10 balls!

(if i had bought a set online 
they would have cost me $50 - $65.)

you can add essentials oils to them 
and throw them into your dryer 
instead of dryer sheets.

they cut down on drying time
and help with static too!

want to make your own?
check this out.

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