Sunday, September 4, 2011

weekly overview

as you know, i am on a major 
organization kick at the moment
my goal is to get some systems in place
 to help life run more smoothly.
i'm hoping that putting in a little work up front
 will bring a slower pace to daily living.

as i mentioned before 
i am going to be doing the "hello mornings" challenge
 over at inspired to action this fall.

Inspired To Action Button

and i discovered that the website 
is chock-full of practical tips 
for busy moms.

of all the great ideas on the site, 
my favorite resource was this one:

what i love about it is that everything is in one place.
there is a daily checklist for bible study, workout and planning.
there is a place for bible study plan/notes.
there is an events/menu calendar.
and a to do list.
what a great way to organize life!
i am really looking forward to implementing it this week!

ps if you missed registering for the fall session,
don't worry...there's always winter!

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