Saturday, September 3, 2011

how to

a very good question:
how to get organized in our 
"trying to slow down but still 
have a lot on our plates" world?


something new for us that has already 
been very helpful is an information hub.
a white board listing "what needs to be done"
or other family notes is a great way 
to keep track of and communicate info.
takes a load off my overloaded brain!

any important papers can go on this bulletin board
also helping us to remember details.

i got this idea from our pastor's family.
writing scripture on the sliding glass door in our 
dining room to help our family hide the Word in our hearts.
(sorry it's hard to see in the pic)
it has been really effective and the kids love it!

for all of those beautiful art projects,
my hubs rigged up this display.
utilizing thick wire and clothespins,
the artwork can be rotated regularly,
much to the delight of our little artists.

our kiddos each have one bin that fits under a bed
where the most treasured artwork is stored.
when it's full, it's time to pare down.

lastly, a basket for random items found around the house.
the owner can "buy" them back or 
they can be weeded out and donated, recycled, etc.

happy de-cluttering and organizing!

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