Saturday, September 10, 2011


we are now the proud owners of a dog!
a cute brown & black spaniel mix named Cesar.
some friends of ours are moving across the country
and needed a new home for their little guy,
so here we are!

i have always wanted a dog,
but have never had one,
so i kind of feel like:
i have no idea what i'm doing!

it feels a little like the first day 
we brought the girly-girl home.

in theory i knew to feed her 
and take care of her poops and give her love and attention,
 but it wasn't until we really took care of her
 that we got the rhythm of it.

now i have LOTS of experience with human babies,
but it'll take a while to feel comfortable
 with our new "dog baby".

feel free to share any helpful dog tips...

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