Monday, September 12, 2011

24 hour dog owners

lessons learned and reminders

1. dogs are a lot of work.

2. most 3-year-olds (even really sweet ones) are too much for a dog (even a really patient one).

3. every dog (and dog owner) deserves a fenced backyard.

4. recognizing when you are in over your head (and acting on this realization) is usually the best thing for everyone involved.

5. a dog is like another child.

6. taking on another child (or dog) should not be entered into lightly.

7. not every dog (even a really good one) is the right fit for every family (even a really nice one).

8. patience is a virtue and a process, waiting is an art.

9. oh yeah...KISS.

10. all the lessons that would be great for our kids to learn from having a dog, will still be great lessons when they're a little bit older!

Cesar has gone to a better place...
a family with four older kids and a big yard!

as for us, we had a few tears and we will miss the little guy,
but we'll try dog-ownership again in a few rush!

1 comment:

  1. Yup, I totally agree. We had a very (very VERY) hyper golden retriever before, and that lasted about 3 long hard months. We'll try it when the littles are older as well!