Sunday, June 5, 2011


i should take my camera with me

the two younger munchkins and i 
had the most beautiful day on friday.

we headed down to seattle and visited the twirl cafe 
(using a mamapedia voucher purchased months ago).
it did not disappoint!

it was a cute and comfortable space, 
and while moo-moo had a potty accident as soon as we got their 
and had to wear her sweatshirt as a skirt, 
there was also a photographer from the newspaper there...
so we might get our picture in the paper!

afterwards we had a picnic lunch at the park 
(using my adorable new basket) 
and the kids played and played.

since we were in the neighborhood 
we swung by my alma mater 
and enjoyed the beautiful campus.
the boy-boy told me he'd like to go there someday *sigh*.
it was a quite a nostalgic experience for me.
such a lovely place.

we walked to the canal
 and watched the boats go by 
and the bridge go up
 and headed home
satisfied and exhausted.

and not a single photo to show.

lesson learned.

a blessed sunday to all!

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  1. you did a great job painting a picture in words though. fun day!!