Sunday, June 12, 2011

plastic baggies

so, regretfully, i had to buy a box of ziploc baggies yesterday.

you must understand...
i have not purchased plastic bags in over a year.

we have reusies.  we have glass "tupperware".
we reuse the bags that food items come in.

i have a real problem with buying things to
 use once and then throw away.
particularly plastic that will spend 
500 years in a landfill before decomposing.

but in my childbirth classes i do an ice exercise
where expectant moms and their partners squeeze ice
 in their hands while trying out a number of comfort techniques.

i LOVE the exercise,
but it presents a problem.
the ice melts.

depending on the kind of ice, sometimes it melts very quickly.
then it drips and is no longer as cold.

so we need baggies.
i have searched for a creative way around it,
but have found none.

so while i regretted buying the baggies,
i was rather happy to have the lightbulb moment...
dry out and reuse the baggies!
of course!

i am happy seeing the little plastic baggies drying on 
my clothesline (handy for SO many purposes)!

sometimes it's the smallest solutions 
that are the most profound!

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