Friday, June 17, 2011

outlive your life

somewhere in the midst of it all, it hit you.
you realized that these days are more
than ice cream trips,
and pimples.
This is called life.
And this one is yours.

you've been given your life.
no one else has your version.

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live in the right way,
serve God,
have faith,
and gentleness.
fight the good fight of faith,
grabbing hold of the life
that continues forever.
you were called to have that life
when you confessed the good confession
before many witnesses.

we are created by a great God to do great works.
He invites us to outlive our lives,
not just in heaven,
but here on earth.

God has not given us what we deserve.
He has drenched His world in grace.
it has no end.
it knows no limits.
it empowers this life 
and enables us to live the next.

here's a salute to a long life:
goodness that outlives the grace,
love that outlasts the final breath.

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may you live in such a way that your death
 is just the beginning of your life.
~Max Lucado

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