Monday, June 13, 2011

birth rights

it's a battle.
it shouldn't be,
but it is.

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for some reason (many really)
there is much opposition to women choosing 
how they will birth in america.
most other countries do not have these issues.
and most of those countries have 
lower maternal and infant mortality rates to boot.
but i digress...

the latest issue is about birth pools.
yes, inflatable pools in which women labor and/or give birth.
the fda has declared these 
unregistered/unapproved medical equipment
and, therefore, confiscated a shipment of birth pools
 and placed a "hold" on all others.

want to find out more?  try here.

in my view, the whole thing seems so ridiculous...
surely it must be fictional?
alas, no.

this has ramifications for all of us.
even if you are not a "home-birther",
we are talking about birth rights here!

if you think that moms should have choices 
about where and how they birth,
i urge you to make your voice heard!

how? find out more here.

we all have the right to make our own informed choices
 about how we give birth and where we give birth.
if we don't stand up for ourselves and for one another...
where does it end?

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