Thursday, November 10, 2011

pj pants

so i was reading lately about chemicals in kids pajamas.
you know, the ones that make them flame-resistant?
yeah, those ones.

and although i had read about them before,
i had that moment.
you know the moment i mean, right?
when all of a sudden the true significance
of what i was reading hit me.

somehow i had the misunderstanding
that if i bought the clothes second hand
and/or washed them a whole bunch,
the chemicals would dissipate.

not necessarily.
all synthetic fiber sleepwear contain flame retardants.
either they are added (those MAY be washed away)
or the chemicals are bonded to the fiber
(those will NOT wash away).

i immediately began to go through my kids pajamas
and was dismayed to find the vast 
(and i mean VAST) majority of their pajamas
were indeed flame resistant.

so out they went.

i scoured consignment and second hand stores
for non-flame-resistant pjs,
but came up kind of short.
the girls have just enough jammies,
but the boy-boy ended up 
with only two pairs of pj pants!

thank goodness i sew! 

using some flannel i already had on hand
(purchased on sale last spring and
"not intended for sleepwear"),
i whipped up some
cute flannel pj bottoms for the boy!

pretty cute, eh?

i have some more in the works...


  1. I had NO idea about this. Scary. Thanks for sharing though.