Saturday, November 5, 2011


some of you have heard the saga 
of the apples already.

in september, my father-in-law generously
allowed me to pick about a million apples
and other various fruits from his yard.

they were lovely apples 
and i had every intention of 
turning them into applesauce and 
canning them right away.

then life happened.

fast forward to november 1st.
i had managed to peel, core, and cut the apples,
but ended up sticking the lot in my freezer
due to lack of time and 
a large enough pot to can them in.

then, much to my surprise and delight,
my father-in-law came to the rescue in that respect too!
a lovely pressure cooker/canner arrived in the mail.

and i FINALLY managed to turn all those beautiful apples 
into jars of canned applesauce.
ready for sharing and 
consuming through the winter months!

aren't they beautiful?
i feel SO much better now that it's done!

1 comment:

  1. I feel so much better knowing that some of those jars are coming to my house! Woo hoo! :-)