Tuesday, November 1, 2011

bonnets & bloomers

this year i worked smarter...
and had my kids pick their halloween costumes in august!

i told them we needed to get creative and 
use costumes we already had or make them ourselves.

my girls decided they wanted 
to be laura and carrie from
while the boy-boy decided to reuse 
his monkey costume and be curious george.

we had a dress that was the girly-girl's inspiration
and a sweet friend lent moo-moo 
her prairie dress and apron.

so all we needed were bonnets 
and a pair of bloomers for the girly-girl.

i made the bonnets from this tutorial.
they were super easy and 
turned out to be really cute!

i made my own pattern for the bloomers 
and added a little lace to the bottom.

here we are at the school for 
"literary character dress-up day".

what do you think?

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