Friday, October 21, 2011

a first

no school today,
so we enjoyed the slower pace.
breakfast at PCC,
bummin' around,
playdate this afternoon.

ok, i enjoyed the slower pace,
my kiddos were going totally nuts,
like caged rats going stir-crazy.

so we hit the park.
it was crisp and blustery, but dry.
my friend and i walked in circles
around the "woods" the kids were playing in.
they were little nature explorers,
finding hideouts in the brush.

and i thought - 
why are we not getting outside every day?
granted, we live in the NW...
it's rainy most days,
but still!

anyhow, today we got out 
and it was fabulous.
big win.

then tonight we had a first.
after nearly six years in our home
we finally have a fire in our fireplace!

so cozy, so warm, so lovely.
perfect end to an up and down (but mostly up) day.

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