Friday, September 28, 2012

the new normal (for now)

well, i am now officially 35 weeks pregnant.
the pregnancy has flown by and dragged
all at the same time.

it has been quite a journey,
with a number of life circumstances 
changing unexpectedly during this time.

i haven't managed to all.
or to keep up with the blogs i follow.
because life is full and busy
and much too important to miss.

but now as the before baby 
"to do" list is shrinking,
i thought it was time for a little sharing.

i am often told i look great.
and i probably do from the outside.
but inside most of the time 
i feel like it's a different story.

i am adjusting to a new normal 
of feeling very tired 
(i only had a few weeks during the 
entire pregnancy when i did not feel this way),
a little spacey 
(most of the time i feel
 a day late and dollar short),
and, at times,
a little frustrated that i can DO 
everything that i want to do.

oh yeah, and now the hormones have set in.
hello moody mommy!

i'm kinda clumsy
(this is "do i have anything on my shirt?).

 and i have to remind myself (often)
 that what might seem like interruptions to me
are really the most important
moments in life.
(can i be in the picture, Mama?)

 life is not about my agenda.
it's about slowing down
 in the midst of  (somewhat organized) chaos.
blooming where you are planted.
trusting His plan.
letting go.
and when you're a mommy...
lots of hugs and kisses,
lots of grace,
lots of patience.

and if the "to do" list doesn't get done
that's just too darn bad.

right now, i am preparing my heart
for the arrival of this little miracle
and nurturing my family.

so blessed.

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