Sunday, July 17, 2011

what neills do pt 1

since there has been radio silence for awhile
(you know what i mean)
i thought you might like an update on 
what's been happening at our house.

so, this week will be update week.

the first week after school got out
was filled with all kinds of fun.
playdates and pigs, gymnastics and swimming.
and, mostly, sibling conflict.
it's not easy adjusting to a new routine.

we started using a great website:
check it out.

and that weekend we had a visit
 from my dad and stepmom.

we had a wonderful time,
despite learning that i do, indeed, 
still become carsick in the back seat.
(don't worry, it was just nausea, folks)

and so week 1 of summer 2011 flew by!

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